As an industry leader in the field of high performance rigid plastic packaging materials, Copag offers experience, innovation, and knowledge to meet today’s diverse packaging needs. From our world class production facility, Copag can produce a wide range of plastic sheet products. From standard mono layer to multi layer co-extruded sheet, General pupose to medical grade. In gauges from .2mm up to 5mm and sheet widths up to 1200mm wide.

Standard Materials
Copag sheet products are available in nearly every popular plastic material to meet today’s packaging & custom converter needs.

Multi-Layer Sheet
Utilized for creating high barrier packaging containers commonly used in Aseptic, Hot Fill, and Retort packaging applications.

Mono-Layer Sheet
Single layer structures ideal for non-barrier applications including ambient, dry fill, and cold pack. It is a lower cost material option vs. multi-layer or lamination for low or non-barrier applications.

Static Control Sheet
Ranging from antistatic to conductive for surface resistivity, it provides ESD protection for your packaged products.